The future of sports and entertainment combined into the world's most modern floor – the ASB GlassFloor.

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ASB GlassFloor combines state-of-the-art technology and brings the sports and entertainment environment to the next level.

This award-winning sports flooring innovation from ASB is revolutionising sports and event facilities across Europe. Specifically designed for sports and events use, the glass floor is made entirely of safety glass with an integrated LED display that can be remotely controlled to display video content or change into any sports court configuration at the touch of a button. They have two key products, ASB MultiSport and ASB LumiFlex. Both products are completely customisable and can fit into any dimensions required, where the ASB MultiSport floor has a LED display that can change into any indoor sports court configuration and the ASB LumiFlex is suitable for indoor or outdoor use with a video floor that can accommodate motion pictures, match statistics or advertising.
Completely customisable and fit for a variety of uses, the ASB GlassFloor represents an investible long-term solution for clubs, schools, event spaces, organisations and commercial properties.


Imagine a floor which... fully-customisable

The ASB GlassFloor is completely customisable. In a digital interface you can programme any court configuration or graphics at the press of a button.

...has engaging interactive capabilities

Aside from court lines, the ASB GlassFloor is also an interactive platform that tracks motion and human movement, where there are a variety of different gameplay settings.

...has a high-quality sports-specific surface

The ASB GlassFloor is specifically designed sports-specific sports floor that is more flexible than traditional sprung wooden floors, helping to lessen the risk of injury.

...and has tremendous digital touchpoints

The ASB GlassFloor is digitally programmable, giving the user the ability to change the LED configuration at the touch of a button, providing immediate solutions.


Finally, ASB GlassFloor solves long-known issues
Athletes, clubs and centres frequently struggled with:

No more facility wear and tear!

Often the surface and the lines in multi-use sports halls get worn down due to repetitive use and have to be replaced on a regular basis.

No more activity limitations!

Many indoor sports spaces are just fit for one purpose or activity, which is very limiting and only serves one target audience or customer group.

No more high maintenance costs!

Traditional sports floors generally require a lot of cleaning and have high maintenance costs which accumulate over a period of time.

No more slippery surface!

Many sports halls have shiny, slippery surfaces, which often leads to accidents where players end up with serious injuries.


Get your ASB GlassFloor now and boost your audience and user engagement. Guaranteed.

Transform your facility

ASB GlassFloor will provide you with an incredible, start of the art, world class installation that will totally transform your venue, club or institution.

Smart technology

ASB GlassFloor uses a variety of latest technologies from the sports and infrastructure industries to deliver you an outstanding product just as seen in the promotional videos.

Dedicated service team

ASB will fly a dedicated team out to your location to fully install the glass floor and maintain open communication lines to always be available to answer any queries or technical questions.

Long-term Investment

The ASB GlassFloor represents a long-term investment opportunity, which will last for over 70 years, offering you great value for your money.

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