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MultiBall is a mixed reality sports and gaming platform built for the interaction between physical movement and digital games. It can be used for a variety of different purposes and is designed to develop co-ordination, technical skills, movement and cognitive function.
MultiBall has a wide range of games to suit different skill levels to maximise physical activity, entertainment and educational learning.
The MultiBall product is suitable for both adults and children and is perfect for use in schools, sports clubs, community centres and shopping malls as a fixed or temporary installation. Additionally, any game can be created and customised for a corporate activation to include company or sponsor branding.

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Home set up

The newly launched MultiBall home version means that you can now derive enjoy the great benefits of the MultiBall product right from the comforts of your own home.

Various uses

The MultiBall system can also be used for additional reasons activities aside from interactive sports participation, such as screening movies or watching live televised sport for example.

Train a wide variety of sports

Just one MultiBall installation has the ability to train a wide variety of ball-related sports, from racket sports to football and even simple ball throwing, movement and co-ordination.

Branded content options

The MultiBall games can be customised for your company or organisation to display branded content or sponsor logos. MultiBall has already served an array of corporate clients.

The future. Gaming and sports combined.

MultiBall is tackling these common
weaknesses in the sports sector…

Playmate dependency

It generally turns out to be quite difficult to participate in a ball sport just by yourself. To play and train ball sports properly, you would normally require one or more playmates.

Lack of motivation

Many children today lack the motivation to engage in regular physical activity, as there is little perceived stimulation or entertainment value for them.

Poor weather conditions

Most outdoor participation can heavily rely on the weather, where bad conditions often lead to postponement of practice, matches or tournaments.

Limited customer engagement

Businesses often fail to engage properly with their customers and to build memorable experiences for them, which would increase the chance of them coming back again.


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Easy to install

Despite being a complex technical product, all versions of MultiBall are easy to install and come with instructional videos to help you in the process.

Fun for both adults and children

The MultiBall product is more than suitable for both adults and children to participate separately or together, where gameplay settings allow for adjusting the difficulty level.

Improve cognitive function

Not only is MultiBall an entertaining product which helps to develop a range of skills, it also includes several educationally focused games that improve cognitive function for the younger generation.

Provide a unique experience

Activate your brand in a way that your potential customers won’t have experienced before, to ensure you deliver your message and ingrain your values intimately.

Best cases

Interative Squash Revolution

Audi Cup

BMW World Event

King of the Court Peugeot

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