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The Product

This first of a kind squash sensor is a ground breaking piece of technology that is paving the way for a more data driven approach to the sport of squash. The sensor, which fits neatly on the end of the racket handle, can effectively record all data related to the technical aspects of your swing, your physical output during play as well as your match and performance statistics. This allows players at any level to analyse and improve the way they swing the racket and understand, from a strategic point of view, where to focus their efforts during gameplay against different opponents. This means that coaches can now refer to data produced by the sensor as well as their observations to improve their students performance levels over time. Racketware is also a useful tool for club players to analyse data from each time they step on court to identify areas of strength and weakness to improve strategy and shot selection.

Imagine ...

Immediate Data Syncing

As soon as you step off the court and finish your training or match, you can instantly download the performance data straight to the Racketware App.

Compare and Analyse

The performance statistics from each match you play is saved within the Racketware app, which allows you to analyse and compare your results against all your opponents.

Monitor Technical Improvements

The coaching feature within Racketware displays numerical data on every technical aspect of your swing, demonstrating where technical improvements need to be made.

Instant Audio Feedback

The latest Racketware feature is instant audio feedback, taking away the need to look at the phone and allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to achieve a more consistent rhythm.

Racketware helps solving the following issues in modern Squash

Lack of Performance Data

Since recently, the possibility to generate actual data and
Statistics from squash matches has been very limited, especially at amateur level.

No Strategic Input

On general, most club level players are getting very little in terms of strategic input to help them with how they should be playing the game.

No Swing Statistics

Currently coaching, especially at club level, is carried out by the naked eye to identify where improvements need to be made, there is no available data on swing and technique.

Difficult to Keep Track

Most players don’t record the scores and details of each particular match, but are just generally relying on memory to understand how they need to approach future matches.

Get your Racketware tracker now and improve your Squash experience. Guaranteed.

Improve Your Technique

Racketware will enhance your understanding of the different elements required in each swing to produce quality and consistent shots on a regular basis.

Gain a Strategic Understanding

Racketware is the only available squash specific platform that allows you to gain a deeper knowledge of how you can adjust your strategy to perform better against certain opponents.

Value For Money

For the price of just 3 or 4 coaching sessions, you can invest
In a piece of smart technology that will outlast your squash playing career and provide valuable insights every time you pick up your racket.

More Features To Come

Racketware is planning continuous improvements to the app including more community based and interactive features,
Stay tuned for more information . . .

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