Smart technology to aid sports training programmes

The most performance-driven training tool

SmartGoals is a unique and interactive training method that works with programmable light signals. The SmartGoals cones light up in controlled patterns leading players to run, dribble, or shoot a ball through goals or within certain areas. This product is perfect for and training sensory awareness, reaction speed, agility and team play in dynamically changing practice sessions or game play situations. Coaches can set progressively harder challenges for their students to ensure physical and technical improvements are consistent.

SmartGoals comes with a mobile application that tracks all timings and scores for tasks and challenges, so performance levels can be monitored over time. The app also has an extensive database of hundreds of exercises to choose from that works on the specific technical aspects of each sport.


SmartGoals app

The SmartGoals app is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that has an extensive array of activity videos and sufficient space available to record and save all of your own performance data.


The beauty of SmartGoals is that you can control the light sensors directly from your mobile phone, so you can either work off a set programme or change the pattern at the touch of a button.

Compact and portable

The SmartGoals cones fit comfortably into a small carry case that can be taken to any sports training or match day venue.

Instantly programmable

Whichever skill or technique you want to train, SmartGoals is easy to set up and program, ready for immediate use. There are options to easily make modifications as well.

Why you should use SmartGoals?

No more: Intransparency of performance monitoring

Most amateur-level coaching sessions only monitor performance through visual observations, which is a hugely limiting from a 360-degree development perspective.

No more: Monotonous sessions

Planning progressive weekly sessions can often be time consuming when ideas run dry, which leads to students getting bored and losing attention.

No more: Minimal comparative analysis

Without the use of data, it is virtually impossible to compare performance levels purely by observation alone, both in an individual and a collective sense.

No more: Limited variation

Often practice drills have little to no variation potential, so are fairly rigid in structure which hinders skill and technical development.

Imagine a product which...

Deliver Fun, Engaging Sessions

SmartGoals will not only add variety to your sessions but
it will keep your students fully engaged throughout
the entire coaching session.

Enhance Sensory Awareness

SmartGoals will uniquely build one of the key skills in sport. Sensory awareness is crucial in the decision making process, especially in the early phases of skill development.

Meet Progressive Goals​

SmartGoals helps you to set workable and achievable goals so your students keep meeting and exceeding their targets for each session, term or programme.

Improve Overall Performance

SmartGoals will be a valuable product for your team or students to make both technical and physical improvements consistently over time.

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