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Inside Singapore's Sport Business (ISSB) - 2022

Dejavu is producing a new digital content series together with Sport Singapore and in collaboration with the Tote Board called Inside Singapore’s Sports Business (ISSB). The show will be hosted exclusively on ActiveSG’s Circle platform and consists of 18 different 20min+ episodes with a host and a minimum of two guests per episode, in the format of a talk show, and supported by on-site interviews at sport events, sports footage, mini game elements, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of major sports events and competitions in Singapore.

The ISSB guests comprise of Key Opinion Leaders that have influenced and shaped Singapore’s sports industry over the years. Key topics revolve around innovation and technology within sports. The ISSB video content series is also supplemented with other exclusive content pieces, including written articles from Dejavu. The main objective of ISSB is to share knowledge and unique content with the viewers about the exciting nature of Singapore’s sports industry. The goal is to contribute towards shaping ActiveSG Circle into a platform that unites everyone involved in the sports industry in Singapore, with the ISSB being a highlight that will attract viewers and convert them into subscribers. With the ISSB digital content series, Dejavu aims to enable ActiveSG Circle to become the platform where sports industry professionals come to meet, learn, engage, and network with each other. This will become the ongoing legacy of the ISSB initiative.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) is one of the biggest mass participation event in Southeast Asia, with 50,000 runners competing during the event weekend. Over the years the professional element of the race has been rising in stature, attracting top runners from all around the world to compete for the significant prize money on offer at SCSM. Over the last few years, the wheelchair category for male and female runners has also been growing, with international athletes flying in to Singapore to compete.
For the 2018 and 2019 editions of SCSM, Dejavu Agency was in charge of managing all international; elite and wheelchair athletes during their stay in Singapore, taking care of accommodation, logistics and transportation, as well all of the runners’ sporting, operational and PR requirements.

International Champions Cup, Singapore and China

The Dejavu consultant was leading a local team to oversee all club matters for Atlético de Madrid leading up to and during the 2018 International Champions Cup and for Manchester United FC for the 2019 International Champions Cup. Key point of contact for all communication to and from the club in Singapore and China.

Super Series Finals, Thailand

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IPTL, Singapore

Our involvement covered several responsibilities with the staging of this event. Dejavu were part of a key operational team commission to assist with the execution of the international tennis event but also delivered key brand activations for sponsors such as Coca Cola and Qatar Airways.​

Toyota Mekong Club Championship

The Dejavu consultant was the Digital Project Lead in charge of planning, developing, managing and overseeing all digital platforms for the Toyota Mekong Club Championship 2015 and 2016. This included creating the digital marketing plans, website development, audio-visual and written content creation, digital activations, social media engagement, online contest development and management, as well as social media advertising.​

Brazil Global Tour, Singapore

During the Brasil Global Tour 2019, Dejavu Agency was taking care of all on-ground operations for the Nigerian National Team during their stay in Singapore. This included managing and fulfilling all team requirements, from their arrival in Singapore all the way to their departure, overseeing all transport, accommodation, medical, logistics, training ground and match day requirements.

OCBC Cycle Singapore and Malaysia

The Dejavu consultants were planning, conceptualising and overseeing the official event press launches, a total of 20 roadshows, 10 training clinics and kids’ carnival activities leading up to both OCBC Cycle Singapore and Malaysia, as well as managing all programming and protocol matters during the events.​creating the digital marketing plans, website development, audio-visual and written content creation, digital activations, social media engagement, online contest development and management, as well as social media advertising.​

Toyota Gazoo Racing

As the Digital Brand Consultants for this project, we set up a new, regional website and social media platforms for Toyota’s new Racing Series: Toyota Gazoo Racing. The platforms covered all races under the Toyota Gazoo Racing brand in Asia, with the intention to appeal to younger audiences in the region with exciting and engaging content. The scope was to develop digital marketing plans for Toyota Gazoo Racing, including the planning, designing and production stage of the new website and creation of engaging content for the new website and the social media platforms.​

Porsche Club, China

Led the branch launch of subsidiary Porsche Club China Ltd. This project was initiated in 2017 and since April 2019, it has over 6,500 members and is the only official Porsche club for all associated stakeholdrers in China.

Lion City Cup, Singapore

Dejavu took care of all event marketing, PR and operations, including media and key client management and liaison. Overseeing the liaison of the invited U-15 teams, i.e. Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC in 2015, both pre-event and during the event.​

Atlético de Madrid

When Atlético de Madrid came to Singapore for the 2018 International Champions Cup, Dejavu Agency were the official consultants in charge of team operations in Singapore. Planning to fulfil their needs and requirements before their arrival was key, so we managed all partner and vendor liaison for the club, ensuring that we would be their single point of contact in Singapore for all their operations. Dejavu made sure that Atlético’s accommodation, transportation, and logistics expectations were met. This included managing and coordinating all their transport requirements, managing the club’s training ground and ensuring top quality equipment was available to them at all times, as well as ensuring proper security was in place for them at all venues. During the ICC Tournament, Dejavu took care of match day operations tor the club.

Manchester United FC

Dejavu Agency had been appointed as the official consultant to manage all on-ground operations for Manchester United FC during their Asian Tour 2019 in both Singapore and China. Our responsibilities included detailed pre-planning of the club’s requirements and logistics in Asia, organising and facilitating the team’s arrival and departure in each city, managing ground transportation and coordination of all the team’s movements, managing their accommodation, planning security arrangements, managing the club’s sponsors and suppliers – both pre-arrival and during the team’s stay, training ground management and procurement of top-class training equipment, and the execution of all the club’s competition operations.

Nigeria National Team

During the Nigerian National Team’s stay in Singapore for the Brazil Global Tour 2019, Dejavu Agency was in charge of managing all on-ground the operations for them both pre-arrival and during the team’s stay in Singapore. This included managing their training ground and fulfilling the team’s logistics and equipment requirements, organising and facilitating the team’s arrival and departure, as well as managing all other on-ground transportation, accommodation and tournament operations for the Nigeria National Team.

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