We are a Singapore and Berlin based brand and project management agency.
Helping companies successfully enter Southeast Asian and German-speaking markets is our mission.
We ensure that your brand communication translates to the appropriate customer language.


The consumer industry is undergoing massive change

Consumer behaviour, decision-making and content consumption habits are all changing. Our key objective is seeking partnerships in the key markets that drive business growth and brand reputation over the short, medium, and long term.

Good products and services need better communication and distribution

Too much information. And a lack of time or desire to go through it.
In that kind of world even the best products & organisations need creativity to stand out.

From brand strategy and positioning, to visual and verbal identity, we offer our knowledge and capability in all branding-related areas.

Better communication and distribution needs better collaboration globally.

We offer an unparalleled knowledge of verticals such as sport, tech and FMCG in Asia, as well as access to our commercial partners. We ensure that your product or brand begins and stays on the right path and continues to maximise its full growth potential. 
Expanding into additional markets can be a major driver for growing business. At Dejavu, we know that understanding the subtleties of individual markets requires stronger network and insights.