Event Management

Through our large network of contacts and vendors, we have the capability to manage large-scale regional events, as well as providing bespoke solutions for corporates to implement sports events. Our diverse event management portfolio includes:

  • Mass participation events
  • Mass spectator events
  • World-class international events
  • Internal or inter corporate events

Content Production House

From small businesses to large enterprises and government agencies, Dejavu Agency is the trusted end-to-end video creation platform for your brand! Our creative team will take care your needs, taking you along smoothly through the entire production process.

Whether you are looking to produce a digital content series, video ads, interviews, individual feature stories, a talk show, a behind-the-scenes documentary, or live-streaming services for your events – we have got you covered.

We also offer a range of production support services, crew, and gear from pre- to post-production including Creative, Producer, Director, Camera Department, Audio, and all other essentials for successful video production.

Looking for a creative and reliable video production company? Look no further than Dejavu Agency 

Marketing and Activation

Dejavu works with a large number of brands and partners. We will work alongside your brand to provide the best and most creative activation solutions that will maximise brand awareness and customer engagement.

Be it on the ground or digital. Whether you’re looking to create an interactive, digital marketing campaign around sports events and athletes, have a physical roadshow with engaging sports activities to attract customers, or perhaps build a new mobile application for your brand around the upcoming FIFA World Cup, we’ve got you covered.

Dejavu Agency is your go-to agency for marketing activations! We will help you reach your target audience and provide an experience that will live long in the memories of your existing and future clients.

Distribution and Licensing

Through our extensive network of contacts within the sports industry across Asia Pacific, we can assist your company with the following services:

  • Sales and revenue generation
  • Providing local market insights
  • Creating product visibility
  • Paid advertising campaigns
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Partnership sourcing

Dejavu currently distributes a range of products and properties from equipment to sports facility installations. See our current product portfolio here

Club and Athlete Management

Whether you are a professional club or an individual athlete, Dejavu will handle of all your sporting, operations and commercial requirements, including pre-planning, athletes or team arrivals and departure facilitation, ground transport and coordination of all movements, accommodation, security, sponsor and supplier relations, training ground and equipment management, facilitation of tournament execution.

We have been previously been appointed as the agency to manage various professional sports clubs and elite athletes in Asia, including:

  • Manchester United FC for their Asian Tour 2019
  • Atlético Madrid during the ICC 2018
  • The Nigerian NT during the Brazil Global Tour 2019
  • All Elite and Wheelchair Athletes during the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathons 2018 & 2019